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SOMYMU 3D Insight Tools let you acjhieve more from Pule Surveys & Employee Engageement.  Our competitive per user fee structure and quick start process to use SOMYMU means you could be taking advantage of everything below and more within minutes of sign-up, with a free 30 day trial and no long term commitment. 
  • Hear Everyone Equally
    Our 3D Insights and 3D Feedback tools let you measure and compare opinions analytically across everyone. It lets you hear everyone equally and ensure strong opinions and critical knowledge are not missed. It gives everyone involved the confidence that their voice will be heard and considered analytically and objectively.
  • Strong Millennial Engagement
    Our tools have been designed from the outset for the modern online user. Our interface is optimized for quick and easy smart-phone responses; it uses an attractive, attention grabbing format; and uses a feedback system that is great for the busiest users, however short their attention span, or busy their online life. 
  • Create Clarity With Measurable Opinions
    Comparing different opinions on an issue can sometimes seem impossible. Our tools create clarity by mapping opinions into measurable and fully comparable data. This help you creates clarity on the current position, the range of views held, and the best options to consider for the way forward.
  • Trend Tracking™
    Set up Trend Tracking™ on your insights and see how opinions change over time. Our 3D Insight tools let you map opinions over time and see if optimism, opinion and non-financial performance is trending up or down over time. Trend Tracking™ results give you a valuable leading indicator – where non-financial issues trend, the financial performance will typically follow soon after.

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  • The Spectrum of Views™
    Our 3D Insights let you understand the Spectrum of Views™ on questions, debates and issues. Do people’s opinions cluster around a common viewpoint, or is the spread of views wide. The Spectrum of Views™ lets you show the range of possible outcomes more easily, and helps you agree where to focus most attention, in the areas that matter most, and where opinions are most divergent.
  • Quick & Easy Insights = Faster Decisions & More Timely Feedback
    We’ve designed our tool to allow users to give their responses in seconds on a fun, easy to use phone/tablet/PC app. This means you can ask more people, more often for their feedback without impacting their working day. As a result you have more chance of identifying problems and opportunities sooner, and saving money as a result.
  • Higher Response Rates
    Somymu’s 3D Insights have engaged over a million social users since launch.  We know how get higher response rates, and have designed this into our interface from the outset. This means you can be sure you’ll get more responses and wider feedback for less time, money and effort.
  • Create in 3 easy steps
    Set up any question or decision in three easy steps. STEP 1. What criteria (or factors) do you want to consider? STEP 2. What answer choices are we comparing? STEP 3. Who do you want to take part and share their views? Set up questions or insight requests in less than a minute and start to get feedback, responses and opinions immediately.

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  • Focus on the Future
    Because it’s easy to get and compare lots of historic data and analytics, we often focus solely on those. Our tools allow you to collect opinions, decisions and judgments in a form that’s measurable and analytical. This means you can focus more on the future, instead of the past. Using opinion analytics in data form you can predict the future more accurately, and make better business decisions.
  • Build Buy-In From All
    Our tools show your teams how and why a decision has been made. By reflecting the input and views from all participants it will build stronger buy-in from the full team.