How It Works

Users give opinion and feedback responses in seconds using an attractive and intuitive tap and slide interface.
Choose what factors matter most in the decision you are making (or feedback you are requesting).
Change factor weightings if you want – some things matter more than others!
Score quickly, easily and intuitively on phone, tablet or PC.
Reviewing Results and Facilitating Structured Discussion

Real Time, share and review group results.

Review and discuss different opinions in a structured manner.

Opinions shared equally and democratically.

See weighted results visually so key differences are easily identified.

Drill down by person, candidate or factor (see following screen).

“Quiet Thinkers” valuable opinions are heard.

“Follow the Leader” (non) debate avoided.

Average group scores available in real time in attractive and intuitive format.
Then view each respondents scores to facilitate focussed discussion over how and why their views differ.
Filter Results
Knowing who has scored a factor high and low ensures you can hear and consider the full spectrum of views.

Don't miss out on important counter opinions that might otherwise be lost in the noise of overall results.
Filter to see results by any one or more user, sub-group, choice or factor. Anyway you want to splice and dice the results is a click away in real time.
Even see how everyone scored an individual factor: “Jane tell us what you saw that was so good on technical knowledge and Martin tell us why you didn't rate that highly.”
Set Up and Share Questions
Add candidates (or potential answer choices to score).
Pick factors to score in answering the question.
Share with other app users.

Set up questions and feedback in a minute with 3 easy steps. Facilitate better debates in real-time or ask questions pre or post discussion meetings. Get responses in person or remote; with a few or many.

What is SOMYMU?

SOMYMU is…..

A Tool to get Feedback From Few or Many.

A Way to Make Decisions and Encourage Better Discussions within Groups.

A Process to Turn Complex Judgmental Debates into Comparable and Quantifiable User Responses.

An App that Will Make Your Teams More Engaged and Deliver Collective Ownership of Decisions.

An Accelerator, speeding up the feedback and decision making process.

A Democratiser, making everyone's voice heard equally.

An Improver, making decisions more informed by the range of views.

An aid to make discussions more focussed, more valuable and more results oriented.

Dashboard tells users what questions and feedback requests they have at a glance.
Jump to specific questions, debated and feedback requests to find out more about them, or answer them in seconds.