Making Your Team Meetings More Analytical, Efficient, Inclusive and Decisive

“A Meeting Moves at the Speed of the Slowest Mind in the Room.”  (Dale Dauten, The Corporate Curmudgeon) 

Alternatively, I would add, meetings can rush to conclusions before the best thinkers have expressed their thoughts; or the agenda might be hijacked by the loudest speakers; or “follow my leader” group-think can dominate decision-making.

We’ve all been in meetings which, in theory, should run well – a clear agenda, strong chairman and thorough background papers – yet still thought did we really debate the key issues, or just have take part in a meandering discussion before we made the big decision.    As business leaders we demand formality and process in meeting preparation, yet within the meetings themselves we typically let informality reign when discussing major issues that could be worth millions to our business.  At SOMYMU Business we believe one simple meeting management tool can make sure the way decisions are discussed and made in meetings is positively transformed to become more analytical, efficient, inclusive and decisive.

Let’s start by agreeing what good meeting management and decision making looks like.  This is a list few would argue with as a basis for good decision-making.

  1. Clarity in advance of the question being asked.
  2. Understand the pros and cons, or factors, most relevant to the decision.
  3. Weight the importance of those factors and determine to what extent they they support each possible choice.
  4. Understand analytically, by scoring and weighting these factors, the level of support for different options.
  5. Spend meeting time discussing the factors that matter most, and/or the factors where the range of views are most diverse.  In other words, efficient use of meeting discussion time and an inclusive approach to ensure all voices are heard.
  6. Clarity over the results scored this way allows you to be decisive when the collective view is clear, and focussed on the important areas of debate where the opinions are varied.

Put another way, you could just chat informally then have a show of hands to vote on key decisions.  But in making decisions the “why” really does matter; the strength of people’s opinion matters; and the contrary voice needs to be heard.  Decisions are rarely "100% yes" v "100% no" yet we often make them like this by a show of hands.  It's time the way we make decisions reflects the wider Spectrum of Views.

So can businesses do all this in a quick, fun, intuitive and fluid way that supports business meetings.  We are confident our online meeting management tool does that, and here is how.

For the key, judgmental decisions on your meeting agenda you add the question, choices and factors to our meeting management tool. You can set this up in three easy steps prior to the meeting or during the coffee break. People can then score it in advance, or even real-time in the meeting after an initial background presentation. This takes only a few seconds on their phones or tablets and you get to see their views independent of group-think bias.

As chairman you’ll see the collective view, and views of each person.  You’ll also see how they scored and weighted each factor.

What’s not to like: its quick, intuitive and easy.  It makes your meetings and decision making more analytical, efficient, inclusive and decisive. Feedback from the businesses, CEOs and team leaders who have tried it so far all tell us it was easy to use, and made their discussion much more productive.  We are confident you’ll like it too, so confident we are offering a free 30 day trial if you sign up now.  We’ll get back to you to arrange a free trial of this and our full suite of analytical, intuitive and fun business decision making and feedback tools.