Employee Engagement In The Smartphone World

You want to know what your workforce is thinking; how they fit into the organisation; what their views are – don't you? Of course, every organisation would say 'yes', but for most companies 'employee engagement' is little more than an unfulfilled wish.

Actions speak louder than words, and when you are trying to communicate with a millennial workforce whose engagements are immediate and social, there is often a gap between your efforts and their reality. Unfortunately organisations all too often fall at the first hurdle – simply getting staff to take notice of your efforts to engage can be an uphill struggle. The problem is not in your willingness to understand your staff or their motivations, but in the tools that have traditionally been employed. The questionnaire has had its day, and it is time for a new approach.

Social media has been such a phenomenon because we are social animals at heart. Instantaneous connections to others allow us to feel that we are being heard, that our views count. Social media has tapped into this, attracting millions of engaged users who care. Somymu.Pro app is a new way of speaking to, and listening to your workforce. It gives them a voice and lets them see how they connect with an organisation and the others working there. Importantly it's quick, easy and fun, taking lessons from the biggest social media sites on how they deliver engagement from their users.

Taking a social approach to engagement lets people share and compare their views with others. Engaged employees are more likely to stay with an organisation for longer, reducing staff turnover and helping to retain knowledge, experience and talent. Research into employee engagement shows that it drives a growth and productivity.

Gallup's Employee Engagement Assessment (http://bit.ly/2bjtJOq) compared nine performance outcomes against employee engagement and found that in every case organisation with disengaged workers perform considerably worse. Towers Watson’s 2012 Global Workforce Study found that engaged employees improve customer experience, and that in turns builds loyalty. However the latest Global Workforce Study found just four in 10 employers could be classed as highly engaged. More worryingly 24 per cent are disengaged, while a further 17 per cent where ‘detached’ – meaning they had support from managers, but were still not engaged. Around one in five were engaged, but did not feel supported. There is clearly work to be done.

The Somymu.Pro app has been developed to create a tool that will allow you to quickly and easily engage with your workforce. It overcomes the inertia of low patience by offering instant feedback and comparison for users.
The app uses our intuitive software that makes it quick and simple to deliver effective feedback. Detailed analytics are built into the app, allowing you to filter the results in any number of ways. And everything is done instantaneously, so the information is at your fingertips with out any extra work on the data.

Engaged employees are not just 'nice to have', they bring numerous benefits and rewards to an organisation.
Feeling connected to an organisation and co-workers fosters good communication, which helps to build strong relationships. We have already seen that we are social animals and an organisation that can help build relationships will see a workforce that feels connected. With Somymu.Pro you can grow those connections, helping to cultivate the kind of engagement that brings benefits across the organisation.