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2. Make Better Decisions 
3. Get Fuller Feedback
4. Hear Everyone Equally

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A million social users already..... SOMYMU 3D Tools are now available for businesses too...... 

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Human Resources

3D Feedback

Better and Quicker Recruitment Decisions.

Engage Employees more using tools designed for high response rates on social media.

Education & Training with a new level of real-time interactivity.

Pulse Surveys become tap and slide fun, instead of lengthy tick box exercises.

Hear All Voices, Equally.


3D Insights

Find out what, why and how people think in a tool, not a survey.

Set up any question or debate in three easy steps.

Involve and Engage Your Audience, with instant feedback and insights.

Share how views compare across all the key factors, and how they impact the final decision.

See the full Spectrum of Views on the issues that matter.

Market Research & Marketing

3D Insights & 3D Feedback

A millions social users already equals high engagement for you.

Opinion Analytics without long surveys.

3D Feedback gets more responses, quicker answers and provides comparable, analytical results.

Consult with a few, or with many sharing our tool on social media.

Compare the "Why behind the What" people think of you.

Better Decisions

3D Decision Making

Create best practise for decision making.

Hear all points of views and compare them analytically.

Avoid group think and decision drift.

Any Question, Any Debate, Any Decision - Use our 3D Decision Making tools to turn opinions into comparable, analytical & actionable data.

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SOMYMU Includes:

  • 3D Insights - 3D Decision Making - 3D Feedback
  • Quick Start - create and share unique questions in three easy steps.
  • Sophisticated analytics including Trend Tracking™ and Factor Focus™. 
  • Custom create your own debates and insights or use our curated library.
  • Integrates directly with email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • Flexible distribution: choose who, when and how often each insight request is made.
  • Team collaboration and real-time insight sharing.
  • Engage your workforce, customers and public in app or by email and social media.
  • Proven strong engagement with a million social media users since launch.
  • Available on web, mobile web, iOS app and Android.
Up to 10users


  • Rapid Survey Set Up in four easy steps.
  • Make better data-driven decisions.
  • Simple, intuitive, mobile friendly.
  • Comprehensive Analytics Suite
  • Free Up To 10 Users - No Long Term Commitment
  • 3D Insights - 3D Decision Making - 3D Feedback
  • Proven With A Million Social Users Since Launch


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What are 3D Insights?

You may be asking what our 3D Tools do, why have so many social users used them, and how can I atke advantage of them in my business.  Here’s how & why...

What are our 3D Insight Tools?

We have created a process to map the kind of discussions and debates people have when they are making decisions, seeking feedback from others, or creating insights into particular issues.  The 3 dimensions work as follows:
1D: A list of factors that matter for that issue, or a list of pros and cons in a particular debate.
Example: When making a hiring decision the list of factors might include Technical Knowledge, Cultural Fit, Teamwork, Leadership, Communications Skills etc.  We will suggest factors for you but you can always edit them or use your own instead.
2D: We allow you to weight different factors to show how important they are for that decision or issue.  Some factors matter more than others.
3D: You can then score or rank the factors and, together with their weightings, create a “score” for that issue, choice or decision.

Taken together these 3 Dimensions map the kind of informal, unstructured discussions that take place in businesses every day into analytic data which becomes comparable, auditable and actionable.

Are They Easy To Use?

Yes - we’ve designed our app so you can create and share any question in three quick easy steps.  People can respond in seconds using our exclusive tap and slide interface on phone, tablet and PC.  It’s so easy we’ve already had a million users so far on our social website.

Why Should My Business Use Somymu.Pro 3D Insight Tools?

There are so many reasons - here are just a few:
  • higher engagement and response rates;
  • analytically actionable insights;
  • learn more, learn better, learn quicker;
  • make better business decisions and avoid decision drift; 
  • continuous learning & continuous feedback
and much, much more

Try it now free to see all its benefits.

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About SOMYMU 3D Insights

The team at SOMYMU is passionate about the opportunity to improve the insights, feedback and decision making mechanisms for businesses.  Our 3D Insights, 3D Decision Making and 3D Feedback tools are the result of that passion.

Our team is made up of scientific, analytic thinkers, and creative, open-minded thinkers. We believe the best decisions and the best insights need a similar mix. That's why we created our 3D suite of tools: businesses can debate, listen and consider opinions as normal, then use our tools to quickly and easily map the feedback into analytical, comparable and actionable data.

With over a million social users already, we know you'll get strong engagement from your staff, customers and other stakeholders. And for our business launch we've redesigned our tools and analytics to make them even better, whether you are looking for feedback & insights, or to make better decisions.

Our team are proud of our product and believe it can help businesses big and small to listen, debate and decide, better. Take advantage of our free 30 day trial to try it out - we hope you love it as much as we do.

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